Contact us to help you navigate the complicated Disability Tax Credit application process. Successful approval for this credit can result in refunds up to $40,000! With that much at stake, it is critical your filing is done right the first time.  


The Disability Tax Credit is for people who are looking for assistance with their disability. The application process is simple, but must be completed in a specific manner or it will likely be refused. This will require some ground work on behalf of the individual and as well, a cooperative Physician or Medical Professional who understands your impairment and what you endure each day. The submission of it and success is also dependant on a good tax professional who understands this credit and the process for applying.

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We can help you navigate the Application process

The process for the application and realization of any subsequent refunds will take anywhere from 4 weeks up to 6 months depending on your situation. Ottawa Tax Services will be with you the entire way to monitor and assist in keeping the application moving forward.